Samsung March 2023 security patch brings fixes for One UI Keyboard, System UI, and more

Samsung Galaxy S21 carrier-unlocked March 2023 update

Samsung has published the details of the March 2023 security patch for its ultimate devices. Eventually, this updated package holds a bunch of new fixes for the internal system as well as exterior elements, including One UI Keyboard, System UI, and more.

The Korean tech maker never misses a chance to polish its devices and gadgets with timely updates. Thus, it continues to deliver new and fresh security patches with beneficial improvements. In the latest edition, Samsung March 2023 security patch is here with several fixes for the device’s vulnerabilities.

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For your information, the freshly released security patch adds fixes for call applications, Samsung Keyboard, Vulnerability in System UI, Galaxy Themes, Bluetooth, and more.

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On the flip side, the March 2023 patch also includes 23 One UI patches which Samsung calls SVE (Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures). Together with Android and One UI patches, the latest software update ensures the best security and privacy on Galaxy devices.

Samsung March 2023 security patch

The number of common vulnerability exposures listed in the document falls into different ranges including:

  • Critical – 5
  • High – 35
  • Moderate – 0
  • Already fixed – 4
  • Not applicable – 5
Here are the CVE items:


  • CVE-2022-33232, CVE-2022-33243, CVE-2022-40514, CVE-2023-20951, CVE-2023-20954
  • CVE-2022-0850, CVE-2022-41222, CVE-2023-20937, CVE-2023-20938, CVE-2023-20602, CVE-2022-33221, CVE-2022-33233, CVE-2022-33248, CVE-2022-33277, CVE-2022-47339, CVE-2022-47331
    CVE-2023-20906, CVE-2023-20911, CVE-2023-20917, CVE-2023-20947, CVE-2023-20963, CVE-2023-20956, CVE-2023-20958, CVE-2023-20964, CVE-2023-20926, CVE-2023-20931, CVE-2023-20936
    CVE-2023-20953, CVE-2023-20955, CVE-2023-20957, CVE-2023-20959, CVE-2023-20960, CVE-2023-20966, CVE-2022-4452, CVE-2022-20467, CVE-2023-20929, CVE-2023-20952, CVE-2023-20962, CVE-2022-20499, CVE-2023-20910


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2022-40502, CVE-2022-40512, CVE-2022-33271, CVE-2022-33306

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-39189, CVE-2022-39842, CVE-2022-33280, CVE-2022-34145, CVE-2022-34146

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