Samsung reveals Galaxy M52 and M22 price and launch date in Spain

Samsung has introduced a number of mid-range smartphones in specific markets, such as Galaxy M52 5G and Galaxy M22. However, the latest information shows that the company is now expanding the availability of these devices to more regions.


According to information (via Sammyfans), Samsung listed Galaxy M52 5G and Galaxy M22 on the official website in Spain, which revealed pre-order details, availability, and pricing. Consumers in Spain can pre-order the Galaxy M52 and Galaxy M22 between October 18 and November 1.

In addition, the company also revealed that the pre-order prices of the Galaxy M52 5G and Galaxy M22 are 369 Euros and 209 Euros, respectively. From November 2nd, the prices of these devices for the Galaxy M52 5G and Galaxy M22 will be increased to 449 Euros and 259 Euros, respectively.

To be mentioned, both of these galaxies will be booked from Amazon and PcComponents during this period. Since the Galaxy M22 is currently listed on Samsung Spain, there are no pricing details, while the Galaxy M52 5G can now be purchased at a price of 417 euros.

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