Samsung shipped ‘100 million’ phones with flawed encryption

Samsung regularly provides updates to its device whether its flagship or mid-range. Samsung properly takes care of the update policies. But recently some flagship model users have reported a problem.

Tel Aviv University report reveals that a limited number of Galaxy models store cryptographic keys through the trust more system ARM. Moreover, the problem is discovered in Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21 smartphones.

And, this problem may have allowed hackers to gain access to encryption information which could be sensitive data, so your phone must have been protected by specialized hardware against several security threads to provide protection of your Galaxy Devices.


Furthermore, researchers warned that the report focused on 100 million or more Samsung devices mentioned, but what they found was compiled from proven and effective standards when it comes to delivering code for smartphone security.

Users have not to worry about because the above issues have already been resolved by Samsung, who were briefed on the issue shortly after it was experienced. The first repair work started in August 2021 with the security patch and later a vulnerability with the patch was performed from October 2021.

Via – SammyFans

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