Samsung Wallet App officially launched, stores digital IDs, keys, and more

Samung Wallet release India

South Korean electronics giant Samsung announced the launch of the Samsung Wallet. With the app, Galaxy users can keep together their digital IDs, payment cards, loyalty cards, keys, and more. The Samsung Blockchain Wallet and SmartThings service are also built in, allowing users to monitor cryptocurrencies and control various aspects of the smart home.


With all this sensitive data in one place, Samsung Wallet is protected by Samsung Knox, a defense-grade security platform. Knox encrypts the data stored in the Wallet so that it can only be accessed through authentication such as fingerprints. It also isolates sensitive items in the wallet in an embedded secure element to help prevent digital and physical hacking.

Jeanie Han, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital Life, Samsung Electronics MX Business, commented on Samsung Wallet: “Samsung Wallet brings a whole new level of everyday convenience to mobile devices, providing a completely secure environment for storing digital keys, cards, and more.

As part of our ongoing commitment to an open ecosystem, we’re going Work closely with the developers to continue to expand the functionality of the Samsung Wallet.” By Friday, the new Samsung Wallet will be available in six regions: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US.


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