Samsung will supply OLED displays to Apple for iPads and MacBooks

M2 MacBook Air

Samsung is preparing to supply OLED panels for Apple’s iPad and MacBooks reportedly in South Korea. According to the report, Samsung is all set to produce its first Gen 8.5 OLED production, which may start building panels in 2024.


This means that it is more efficient and productive to manufacture larger OLED panels aimed at IT products such as tablets and notebooks. The reports suggest that Samsung Display will decide on its final spending plan within the year and will probably start ordering production equipment for the Gen 8.5 line next year.

M2 MacBook Air

Samsung Display initially planned to rapidly begin manufacturing the line. Since the previous year, Apple is transforming its iPad and MacBook lines into mini-LED displays, followed by OLED panels. Contrasting mini-LED displays, OLED panels are equipped with self-emitting pixels which don’t need backlighting could enhance the contrast ratio and lead to longer battery life on future iPad and MacBook lineup.

Meanwhile, Samsung is planning to switch the Display L8-2-2, which is also passive, to a quantum dot (QD)-OLED line, which will likely be called the Q2. However, it may manufacture a quantum dot nanorod LED (QNED) line for Q2 if there is demand from Samsung Electronics. It has already delayed the construction of a pilot line for QNED once.


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