Samsung wishes to ‘copy and paste’ human brain on 3D neuromorphic chips

Samsung exposes a new insight On 27 September 2021, that takes the world a step closer to realizing neuromorphic chips that can better mimic the brain. The insight was published as a Perspective paper, titled “Neuromorphic electronics based on copying and pasting the brain” by Nature Electronics.

in addition, the co-corresponding authors of this program are Donhee Ham, Fellow of SAIT and Pro. of Harvard University, Pro. Hongkun Park of Harvard University, Sungwoo Hwang, President and CEO of Samsung SDS and former Head of SAIT, and Kinam Kim, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung.

As indicated, the document suggests a way to copy the brain’s neuronal connection map using a breakthrough nanoelectrode array developed by Dr. Ham and Dr. Park and to paste this map onto a high-density three-dimensional network of solid-state memories.


During this copy-paste approach, the authors envision creating a memory chip that approximates the unique computing traits of the brain including low power, facile learning, adaptation to the environment, and even autonomy and cognition that have been beyond the reach of current technology.

Leveraging its leading experience in chip manufacturing, Samsung is planning to continue its research into neuromorphic engineering, in order to extend Samsung’s leadership in the field of next-generation AI semiconductors