Sony sued Huawei for Watch GT trademark name


Lawsuits over trademarks aren’t new in the industry and Huawei has been involved in many cases since part. Despite the outcome, Huawei continues to make new technologies and win consumers’ hearts. Recently, a well-known tech maker – Sony has come into the discussion and filed a lawsuit against Huawei over its GT smartwatch trademark.

What’s the whole scenario? Let’s check it out.

Every year, Huawei launches a number of new smartwatches. Before June 2, 2021, the company launched its flagship smartwatches under the “Watch GT” series. So, what happened after June 2, 2021? Well, Huawei launched the new HarmonyOS powered Watch 3 series, which also comes with new features as well as flagship designs.

Despite the launch of the Watch 3 lineup, reports suggest that Huawei will launch a new smartwatch in the Watch GT series and it’ll be called Watch GT 3. That’s where the dispute draws between Huawei and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Findings coming from LetsGoDigital reveals that Huawei has applied for a trademark for the words “GT 3” and “GT 5” at European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Following the application, the patent registration authority will review and publish the patent. During this procedure, any third party is eligible to file an objection.

Huawei Sony GT trademark dispute

Does Sony want to Fight Huawei?

After Huawei’s GT 3 and GT 5 trademark application, Sony filed an appeal in 2016 to oppose Huawei’s trademark. After this timeline, Sony once again launched another petition against the trademarks in 2019.

To be mentioned, during the second dispute, Huawei has already launched Watch GT and GT 2 smartwatches in the market.

Even after this, Sony went two-step further and want to continue its fight against Huawei. Therefore, it filed a lawsuit against the Chinese tech giant in the European Union in August 2021. However, the outcome is still undecided at the moment.

Why Sony Objecting “GT”:

To know this matter, we first need to understand that “GT” name for Sony. Gran Turismo is a Japanese series of racing simulation video games developed by Polyphony Digital and for PlayStation systems, which is a gaming console of Sony Interactive entertainment.

Sony Thinks that it owns “Exclusive” rights to own not only the name ‘Gran Turismo” but also its abbreviation “GT”, which is laughable.


First of all, the GT name doesn’t refer to its game title, and GT doesn’t belong to any firm including Sony. Therefore, Huawei doesn’t want to give up on its one of the best-selling smartwatch lineup titles.

(Via- HuaweiCentral)

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