Sony will unveil mysterious new smartphone on October 26

Sony Xperia Launch Event

If the leaks often enlighten us in detail on upcoming smartphones even before their announcement (often to the point of spoiling the surprise), we wonder what Sony is preparing for us. The firm shared an invitation for an event on October 26th.

We know that it will be dedicated to the announcement of a smartphone – hard to miss the Xperia mention on the box – but we do not know which model could be presented there. Because on the mobile segment, Sony’s calendar did not really give the impression that an additional novelty could be unveiled during the fall.

The brand’s mobile division launched its flagship Xperia 1 III in August, followed recently by the Xperia 5 III – still on the high end. At the end of August in Japan, but without any noisy event, the firm had also unveiled its Xperia 10 III, this time in the mid-range.

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Under these conditions, it is difficult to imagine the arrival of a Mark IV model on the top of the range, it is much too early and Qualcomm has not yet announced its new Snapdragon 898, whose name is not elsewhere. not even been confirmed yet.

The track of a new mid-range Xperia deserves to be taken seriously, but Sony could be satisfied with an announcement on the sly for this type of product … rather than release the heavy artillery with a dedicated event, teasing, and all the whole thing.

There remains one track, that of a possible Xperia Pro II. As a reminder, the device was announced in early 2020 to finally arrive almost a year later in the United States at a price of $2,500. It was then equipped with an aging Snapdragon 865

This model could therefore be redesigned to switch to a Snapdragon 888, for instance, but it must still be considered as a smartphone in its own right. Sony had indeed presented it rather as an external OLED and 4K screen, with 5G mmWave modem, dedicated to cameramen for live broadcasting.

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