Copa America 2021: Lionel Messi led Argentina to a historic win, beating Brazil by 1-0 in final

Lionel Messi made it for Argentina as his team wins Copa America, the first international title for Messi that comes after a long wait. The captain led the team to a perfect win by 1-0 in the final match against Brazil. Congo! to Argentina for winning the historic South American football tournament.

With all his efforts, Neymar and his team couldn’t stop the rivals from getting their long-awaited win. It was all in the 22ndth minute which marked the victory for the country, the forward player, Angel Di Maria took a swift shot and netted the goal to ensure a 1-0 lead for Argentina.

The whole game encountered a single goal in the first half of the match. After the uncountable efforts of the Brazillian player, Neymar’s army couldn’t score a single goal in the whole match. While the match was full of twists and turns.

For once, the match was almost at 1-1, when Richarlison of Brazil fired the ball into the nets but later it was found that the goal was turned into offside and no goal was allotted to the team, the score remained 1-0.

Neymar and his teammates have tried very hard until the 90th minute and until the last second of the extra 5 minutes but they couldn’t make it after all. But a great win for Argentina has made the football fans happy.

In between, there were several moments when Neymar tried to swing the ball into the box, but it was a hard-luck or we can say it was Messi day and nothing could have been out of favor for this unstoppable player on in that 90 minutes of gameplay.

With the only goal in the game, Angel Di Maria became a man of the match. Whereas Messi was the best player in the tournament and the top goal scorer too, and lastly the hero for his fans.

Now, coming to some numbers and the history of Copa America, Uruguay was at the top with 15 overall titles and after this victory, Argentina marked its 15th title standing alongside Uruguay. While the defeated Neymar’s Brazil has 9 titles of Copa. You can take a recap of the game in case you missed it, we have linked the video below:

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