Spotify recently upgraded to Apple M1 Mac for Client Platform (CLiP) team

According to the report, streaming music giant Spotify recently upgraded to Apple M1 Mac for the Client Platform (CLiP) team. Spotify’s previous internal testing proved that the build times for these devices were 43 percent faster than Intel-based Mac systems overall. Among them, the Android version is 50% faster, and the iOS version is 40% faster.

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The above survey also shows that longer build times reduce developer productivity and satisfaction. Spotify ran multiple build tests on different hardware and found that build times were 43% faster overall on machines using Apple chips (M1 or higher), with slightly better results for the M1 Pro and M1 Max than the M1.

In addition, Spotify product manager Anna Granhed and Spotify senior data scientist Nandini Singh recently explained that before the upgrade can be approved, two questions need to be fully answered, including whether the new device is “good enough” and whether it is suitable for Spotify developers. In this context, good enough is defined as a significant improvement in Android/iOS native build times.