Survival adventure game ‘Wildmender’ may be released in 2023

A game called “Wildmender” is now available on Steam and is expected to be released in 2023. According to the official introduction, in “Wildmender”, you will take on the burden of restoring nature. Explore the vast wilderness, rescue endangered plants and grow your own beautiful garden to create a better world in a single-player or 4-player online co-op.


Game introduction: In the vast and desolate wilderness, witness the ruins of the once glorious and mysterious era. Travel through the endless sand sea, gather as many resources as you can and create a vibrant oasis to unlock the mysteries buried under the gravel of time.

In Wildmender, you will face the challenge of reviving the natural environment. Explore the vast desert alone or with friends. Build new tools and save a dying world. Meet wild animals and do everything in your power to ward off evil spirits who seek to corrupt the land. Uncover the mysteries of fallen civilizations. Absorb the experience and teachings of predecessors, and master the secret techniques of the once glorious era.

Moreover, the minimum configuration requires a GTX 960 graphics card, and the recommended configuration requirement is GTX 1060.

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