Tesla delays to new Model S and Model X deliveries

by RPRNA Group

Tesla launched the new Model S and Model X in January this year, its CEO Musk stated that the first batch of models will be delivered within a few weeks. According to Zhitong Finance, Tesla has delayed the delivery of the new Model S and Model X.

Allegedly, Tesla did not actually launch any updated Model S and Model X models in the first quarter. The report pointed out that Musk said in an email sent to Tesla employees at the end of February that Tesla “almost completed” the reorganization of the production line and is expected to achieve full production in the second quarter.


Currently, the Model S/X production line has basically completed the transformation, and the maximum output will be achieved in the next quarter. Tesla’s latest models are in great demand, so we will soon need to restore the two-shift system. It is not yet clear where the problem is.

The delay in the delivery of Tesla’s new models may be related to software issues. The current Tesla models include Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and CYBERTRUCK. Each model is divided into multiple versions. Currently, only the Model 3 and Model Y are produced locally in China, the value starts at 249,900 yuan (38,166.65 USD).


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