Tesla to fix electronically assisted steering issues in U.S. recalled 40,000 vehicles in

Tesla applied to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration for a recall of 40,000 vehicles, mainly involving electronic assistance on some Tesla Model S and Model X models from 2017 to 2021. There are issues with moving to EPAS, which Tesla says will be fixed with an OTA update.

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According to documents released by NHTSA, the power steering assist system may lose its function when you drive on rough roads or hit a pothole. Tesla identified 314 alerts about the issue for U.S. vehicles that may be related to the recall.

Tesla steering issuesTesla said that more than 97% of the recalled vehicles have completed the latest firmware update. “No further action is required if you already have firmware version 2022.36.5 or later installed.”

Due to the arrival of new energy-intelligent connected vehicles, most models can solve the problems encountered by the vehicle through OTA updates, but NHTSA requires Tesla to use OTA software updates to solve problems that should be solved through recalls. Recall” notice, so the term “recall” may be somewhat misleading to users.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk even pointed this out in September, calling the term “obsolete and inaccurate.” Of course, our Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also uses the word “recall”.


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