Home News The global chip shortage likely to end by Q2 of 2021: Gartner

The global chip shortage likely to end by Q2 of 2021: Gartner

by Ashish

Experts from the analytical company Gartner studied the situation with the supply of semiconductor products and came to the conclusion that the shortage will seriously disrupt the supply chain and limit the production of many types of electronic equipment this year.

The shortages primarily affected products such as power controllers, display devices, and microcontrollers, which are manufactured using obsolete technologies using 200-inch plates, the supply of which is limited.

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By now, it has spread more widely. The industry lacks materials, substrates, interconnects, passive components, and testing capabilities that are part of the supply chain outside of the chip factories.

The deficit resulted in a rise in prices. A feature of this industry is the minimum flexibility in terms of aggressive investments in a short time frame.

Analysts expect that the shortage of products in most categories will be eliminated by the second quarter of 2022, and the situation will completely normalize in the second half of 2022.

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