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TikTok plans to launch new advertising and product display options

by RPRNA Group

TikTok is planning to launch a series of new advertising products focusing on e-commerce as it is seeking to maximize its revenue potential. As reported, the form is Submit to various advertisers in the US. TikTok is also seeking to add a series of new streaming media shopping tools while continuing to explore its e-commerce potential.

The first new option is “Collection Ads”, which will enable brands to combine their product catalog listings with brand videos to guide users to find related products in their short videos. This is similar to YouTube’s product listings on videos and helps drive direct responses.


TikTok also hopes to add “Dynamic Product Ads” (Dynamic Product Ads) to automatically retarget users with related products based on user activities on advertisers’ applications and websites.

Additionally, “Promo Tiles” allows advertisers to add customizable sales and promotion reminders to in-feed ads, while “Showcase Tiles” can see creators promoting products in videos and linking related products at the bottom of the screen.

The latter options are similar to TikTok’s e-commerce products in China, similar to the options in “TikTok”.
Most of TikTok’s revenue now comes from in-app commerce, not advertising, so it’s no surprise that TikTok wants to add the same content and integrate more product discovery and shopping activities into the app.

TikTok stated that it is already an important platform for product discovery. In the accompanying note, TikTok stated that 47% of users have bought what they saw on TikTok, and the platform also claimed that its US advertising business has grown by more than 500% in the past year.

This is relative to audience growth-TikTok also noticed out that currently, its monthly active users in the United States exceed 100 million, while global monthly active users reach 732 million. It is estimated that TikTok has already embarked on the track of becoming the next billion-level user platform.

And with the growth of user momentum, it will attract more and more advertisers’ interest-this is also in line with TikTok’s audience and popular culture. The connection is related to the establishment of resonance. The majority of TikTok’s audience is under the age of 24 (59%), with users aged 13 to 17 accounting for 17%.

This gives an important foundation for the platform because it hopes to establish itself as an important competitor in the social media field. This is why Facebook is so keen to replace it because allowing users to establish such a strong connection and personal network in the app at such a young age will enable TikTok to continue to expand and grow as these users age.

Young audiences will also have a significant impact on consumption, even indirectly, which is why these new e-commerce integrations are so critical and will play such a critical role in the future development of applications. They will also enable TikTok to create better revenue-sharing opportunities to ensure that its popular creators get paid.


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