Top 3 ‘must-know’ features of Xiaomi MIUI 14

Xiaomi MIUI 14 top features

MIUI 14 is currently the latest custom skin of Xiaomi, this new software update boasts a variety of enhancements and fresh features, including on-device privacy functions, refined storage optimization, enhanced intuitive interactions, connected devices, and more.

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While each of these features of Xiaomi MIUI 14 is noteworthy in its own way, but, there are a few top factors you must know about. These key elements of MIUI 14 will make the operation of the device more prominent and will enhance the privacy and overall user experience.

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Xiaomi MIUI 14 top features

Top 3 Features of MIUI 14

1. Erase people’s function 

Xiaomi has added a new feature to its gallery application, which is almost similar to Samsung’s object eraser tool. This new function will help the users to make their photographs precise without using any third-party applications. It means if you have clicked a picture and it mistakenly captures the shadow, presence of any third person, or any other object, which does not look suitable in the photograph. Then you can remove or erase that particular area with the help of this tool. Additionally, it works so perfectly that, no one can determine, if there was something or not, and all this could be performed on the Xiaomi gallery itself. Read more.

2. Block notifications permanently

MIUI 14 also allows users to block annoying and useless notifications perpetually. Our device contains a bundle of applications, which keep delivering us notifications. This makes the performance and battery life of the smartphone low and even restricts the users from getting aware of important information. But, now you can forbid some third-party apps from sending useless notifications again and again. This will make the user interface clean and help you to access and reply to important messages more quickly. Read more

3. On-device Privacy

MIUI 14 also brings a range of new features to enhance user privacy and device connectivity. On-device privacy is a standout feature that ensures your data is processed on your device alone, without external devices or servers. This will minimize the risk of leaking data during transmission. On-device privacy protection mechanisms also allow MIUI 14 to recognize text on images quickly and accurately by using the capabilities of your device.

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