TP-LINK Feiliu AX5400 Super Wi-Fi 6 router is on sale, starting at 83.81 USD

TP-LINK launched the “Flying” series of routers, this series of products utilize a similar appearance design and provides a total of four products from low to high specifications.

This series all support Super Wi-Fi 6 technology, and the signal has been significantly strengthened. On April 13, TP-LINK declared that the Feiliu AX5400 SuperWi-Fi6 router TL-XDR5480 Easy Exhibition Turbo version will start pre-sale at a value of 549 yuan (83.81 USD).


Feiliu AX5400 SuperWi-Fi6 router supports 160Hz, supports 4K QAM modulation, dual-frequency 6-stream, wireless frequency up to 5400Mbps, and up to 640 units.

As reported, FeiLiu series routers all support E-Zhan 2.0 technology that is compatible with wired, wireless, and multi-band interconnection.

Along with this, it supports the formation of Mesh networks with enterprise-level products and commercial AP/ACs to provide seamless roaming effects.

This product is furnished with 1 2.5G custom network port, 4 Gigabit network ports, supports 4K QAM and 37 OFDMA User, frequency band aggregation, 160MHz bandwidth, and other technologies to ensure access and network speed.


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