Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey started testing new social platform Bluesky

According to the report, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just acquired Twitter, and its co-founder Jack Dorsey has launched a new beta test social media platform “Bluesky”.

Bluesky said on its website that it is currently looking for users for beta testing. Dorsey said: “We will continue to refine the protocol specification as we conduct beta testing. When everything is in place, we will enter public testing.”

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Bluesky, which will officially launch soon, will appeal to those who have said they are abandoning Twitter, as well as those who have expressed dissatisfaction with Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, people familiar with the matter said. If you want to ditch Twitter, or platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Bluesky might be a good choice.

In late 2019, Dorsey founded Bluesky, a company dedicated to creating a decentralized social media platform. Initially, Twitter also provided start-up capital for Bluesky.

Bluesky is based on the “AT Protocol” (Authenticated Transport Protocol), a new federated social network that many websites run, allowing users to choose among providers, and individuals or businesses to self-host.

Bluesky new social platform testingAs a decentralized network, the AT protocol operates independently of the wishes of any one company. This independence would allow users who build social networks on top of the protocol to both protect their private data and avoid the company’s algorithms that allow users to indulge in controversy.

The next step is to test the AT protocol, Bluesky said. The development of such a distributed protocol is a tricky process that requires coordination among multiple parties once the network is deployed. To this end, some problems are solved by the following tests.


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