Twitter dismisses negative Tesla ads

According to the report, an anti-Tesla advocacy group called the “Dawn Project” recently accused Twitter of violating its “political” advertising policy by banning its anti-Tesla ads.

It is reported that the “Dawn Project” organization recently published a full-page advertisement criticizing Tesla’s fully automatic driving system for “posing a life-threatening threat to child pedestrians”.

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The group claimed they had hoped to promote the ad on Twitter, but Twitter disapproved of it, citing a violation of its advertising policy for “political reasons.”

However, the group’s founder, Dan O’Dowd, who ran for U.S. Senate from California earlier this year, is still available on Twitter, but Project Dawn has not been able to promote it. This results in a limited interaction rate.

Twitter Tesla adsIt is reported that Musk and O’Dowd have a long-standing feud. In August, Tesla issued a cease-and-desist letter to Project Dawn, asking it to take down a YouTube video of Tesla vehicles running over child-sized mannequins.

A spokesperson for Project Dawn said it was the first time they had encountered such a problem, and it had only happened since Musk took over Twitter.

The spokesperson said that the organization had previously posted on Twitter to highlight the many dangers of Tesla’s full self-driving, and it still passed Twitter’s review. In a statement, O’Dowd said the ad rejection was a disturbing sign that called into question his commitment to free speech. ”


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