Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/Active 4 to come with Google’s WearOS

Over the past few months, several online reports have indicated that Samsung is planning to remove the Tizen OS from its smartwatches and switch to Google’s WearOS.

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In 2018, the first rumors about the case appeared and now reliable sources claim that Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Watch will run WearOS instead of Tizen.

As per the new information, Samsung’s enemy Max Weinbach got two code names (Fresh and Wise) in the teardown of the latest version of Samsung’s wearable app, the company’s new smartwatches that may be the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4.

In addition, Weinbach also received a new plug-in-code “Water” in the Galaxy Wearable’s APK file, which is expected to become a compatibility layer designed by Samsung for Wear OS. The word “newos” was also found in the files of the Galaxy Wearable app.

Now, we can safely assume that Samsung will launch its new smart wearable product in association with Google’s WearOS. It is notable that Tizen lacks sufficient third-party applications and services, which is why Samsung is likely to switch from Tizen to the WearOS.

In addition, the tipster also stated that the two upcoming smart wearable devices will have two sizes that are 40/41 mm and 44/45 mm. The new Galaxy watches are expected to be launched sometime in the second quarter of 2021.

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