Verizon updates installing bloatware on Samsung devices

Samsung Verizon updates bloatware

Verizon is a network carrier provider for Samsung and many other OEMs in the US. Alike the regular models, Verizon also releases the latest software updates to its bounded devices. Recently, it has started releasing the September 2022 security patch on Samsung Galaxies while Verizon customers are reporting that the carrier updates the installing bloatware in the devices.

Various Verizon-locked Samsung users have told the issues they are facing on their phones through Reddit. According to users’ reports, Verizon software updates on Samsung devices are automatically installing two games on installing the latest update on their devices.


Customers further reveal that these are two specific games namely Bingo Blitz and Blocks which are getting installed even without permission (Via SammyFans). No matter if you haven’t ever downloaded these games from Play Store or any other platform, they install automatically after the latest update.

Samsung Verizon updates bloatware

On the other hand, carrier-unlocked Samsung customers in the US are not facing any such issues. It seems like it’s not the problem regarding Samsung software but it’s only Verizon updates which are installing bloatware. However, you can manually uninstall these games from your smartphone until the company resolves it.

As of now, there seems no official response about the issue. Hopefully, the company will soon acknowledge this problem and release a fix as early as possible. Because these automatic app installations without users’ permission can harm the system.

Moving ahead, these two games are two of the famous games available on the Google Play Store. Bingo Blitz is an online gaming application that has a 4.6* rating with 50 million downloads. Whereas, the Blocks (Block Puzzle – Classic Style) has a user rating of 4.7* with 500k installations.

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