Vivo is rolling out a new Funtouch OS update for the Vivo S1 Pro, X30, Z5x, and NEX 3

Vivo is rolling out a new Funtouch OS software update for the Vivo S1 Pro, X30, Z5x, and NEX 3. This update is currently rolling out in China. You can read the complete changelog below with their software versions:

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Vivo S1 Pro:  vivo rev 1.27.4 (509.77 MB)

Mobile phone model: vivo S1 Pro (PD1832)


  • optimizes retrieval performance for 4G mobile phone network, to provide you with a more stable phone signal
  • to optimize the relevant international roaming network performance
  • to optimize the stability during a call recording function of the


  • optimization in a multi-language display problems


  • fit into Google security patches, makes the phone more secure and
  • optimize the mechanism to determine the background of the power-hungry remind, remind more accurate power consumption

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Vivo X30: vivo rev 1.17.15 (38.74MB)

Mobile phone model: vivo X30 (PD1938)


  • Optimized the network adaptability in some regions, and the network connection is more stable.
  • Optimized the network call performance of mobile phones in some regions


  • There is more content waiting for you to discover!

Vivo Z5x: vivo rev 1.10.9 (138.01 MB)

Mobile phone model: vivo Z5x (PD1911C)


  • Optimized the audio processing effect
  • Optimized the beauty / basic camera effect of the camera in front of the camera
  • Optimized the camera effect in the mask scene
  • Optimized the system security and stability

Vivo NEX 3: rev 6.11.3

Mobile phone model: NEX 3 (PD1923)

It is recommended that the system version be upgraded to Funtouch OS 10 & Android 10, with the underlying upgrade to further improve the system performance and stability. The


Jovi homepage has a new look. The new Jovi homepage presents all kinds of information more intuitively in front of your eyes, making it easy for you Have a good day to
add a new phone secretary, if you are inconvenient to answer, or encounter a call from a strange number or a sales number, you can ask the phone secretary to answer the call to
update the driving scene function, Jovi language education, rich shortcuts, and intelligence Unlocking, call broadcasting and other functions bring you a more convenient experience in the driving environment.
Jovi Internet of Things upgrade, combined with AI capabilities, can now automatically discover smart hardware at home or office, help you quickly connect the device, and use voice, scene Set up to intelligently control your smart hardware.

Smart Desktop

Smart Meng Pet supports verbal chat, and communicate with your beloved Meng Chong through voice. The new main interface of the

child mode has been

revised, more interesting visual design, children prefer more rich content, you can press Recommend suitable content for children aged 0-12, including science puzzle, art Pottery and other dozens of classification, the number of videos over 200

i housekeeper

safety testing, the phone comprehensive safety testing, for your peace of mind with the machine environment to create
recommend smart clean-up, according to the state of the mobile phone, smart easy to clean recommended content for you, Make data cleaning easier.
Screen usage time, statistics on your mobile phone usage time, unlock times, and number of notifications received, so that you can intuitively perceive the daily use of the machine.

Quick Center

For a new key to clear the desktop shortcut target angle, so that the desktop instantly become clean


adds speed playback function to enhance the playback speed, listen to the recording more efficient


new currency conversion feature, online real-time data exchange, cross-border understanding abroad exchange rate more convenient


increases the lock screen charging effect customization options, choose the one you like charging effect, the phone lock screen can also be blooming personality
optimized part of the menu hierarchy and processing logic part of the menu functions

Vivo is rolling out a new Funtouch OS update for the Vivo S1 Pro, X30, Z5x, and NEX 3

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