OPPO Phone OxygenOS 13

Wait, What? OPPO phone is getting OxygenOS 13

OnePlus and OPPO collaboration is a well-known fact to users but, what if we say that the OPPO phone is now getting the OxygenOS 13 software update? Yes! This is the latest take on Twitter where an OPPO device owner got surprised when he received an Android 13-based upgrade, not because of its features but due to the OOS 13 version.

According to the inputs, the OPPO A53s phone holder jumped out of shock to see that his phone has obtained OxygenOS 13. It is quite obvious to see OnePlus devices running ColorOS in China. But to see the OOS version on OPPO handsets is a rare scenario.

To explain the situation, the user shared the screenshot of the latest update and model name on Twitter and the OnePlus community to get an immediate response on this matter. Gladly, the famous observer Some_Random_Username helped him out.

Eventually, the analyst mentioned that it is just a display bug that often pop-up on the screen due to the hustles and bustles in the installation process. He further cited that the same situation has happened to OnePlus 10 Pro, which displayed the OTA package as the ColorOS version. But shortly after the update, it started showing OxygenOS.

And it looks like that was the main issue. A few moments later, the user again bumped into the Twitter platform and said that after completing the software update, the version is showing as ColorOS 13.0. Undoubtedly, that was a minor display bug that created huge chaos on the online surface.

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Though apart from this funny instance, it shows how the quality of Android’s custom skin has started declining day by day. Every moment, we are hearing some new bugs that are haunting the device owners. It would be better if the company start looking at such matters seriously and avoid them at all costs.

OPPO Phone OxygenOS 13

Wait, What? OPPO phone is getting OxygenOS 13

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