What do you expect from the upcoming OnePlus Fold?

OnePlus Fold

If I ask you when and which brand has launched the world’s first foldable phone? My answer to you is that on October 31, 2018, Royole FlexPai was the world’s first folding phone. FYI, Royole is a Chinese electronics brand established in 2012. You may not have heard of this company, but it is worth noting that the FlexPai was the world’s first foldable smartphone.


Well, that is now history but not the end of foldable smartphones- our motive is what do you expect from the upcoming OnePlus Fold?

Earlier, the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau teased about its upcoming OnePlus foldable smartphone on its Twitter handle saying – What do you think this is?  Pete Lau has also shared two pictures of the OnePlus Fold’s hinge. Those images are showing the coming future of the OnePlus’s foldable smartphone which could be coming soon.

OnePlus Fold Teased

What do you expect from the upcoming OnePlus fold?

  • Proper Multitasking Features
  • The Better Crease
  • Dust and Water Resistance
  • Better Hardware Design
  • Price Point

Proper Multitasking Features

As we know with large screen lets you work with multiple apps. However, Android 12L is a relatively new release and the apps should work better on this type of phone to provide better multitasking features such as – split screen, multi-window, floating apps, slide bar, and more.

Better Crease

Every foldable device has flexible screens, but they often develop creases at the hinge. It ruins the phone experience for many individuals. Oppo showed it could be smaller, but Motorola and Samsung had significant display creases. Hope it is not seen in the upcoming OnePlus fold phone.

OnePlus Fold

Dust and Water Resistance

Dust and water resistance now play a very important key factor in every flagship smartphone. And I think the screen should be more dust resistant. Adding a dust cover allows many obese users to turn it on quickly.

Better Hardware Design

With speculations, the company’s first foldable smartphone could be similar to the Oppo Find N. Considering that many OnePlus smartphones have been rebranded as Oppo smartphones, there may be some truth to this.

Price Point

When it comes to pricing points some smartphone makers offer foldable devices for under $1,000, which makes for mass market adoption. These phones are now often waterproof. They are still not budget phones, but they are starting to compete with the latest flagships

OnePlus could launch new foldable gadgets in 2023

Launch and Expectations

It remains to be seen whether OnePlus will release different styles of foldable devices in 2023. The design of the Oppo Find N itself seems to be inspired by the Galaxy Z Fold. OnePlus may also be impressed by the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. There are many folding devices to take inspiration from, but the company can design its own unique design as well.

Unfortunately, don’t expect OnePlus to release every foldable smartphone in the global market. It could follow the Oppo Find N which was launched exclusively in China. However, given that the phone could be a variant of the Oppo phone, we can expect OnePlus to launch the upcoming fold phone in more countries across the world.

OnePlus Fold

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