WhatsApp Android Community Icon

WhatsApp Android is giving a new makeover to community icon

WhatsApp never misses a chance to add interesting tweaks to the chat app and in the latest development, the company is bringing a new icon for the Community section on Android. This addition will make it easier to identify the community-related chats among other conversations.

According to the information, WhatsApp is rolling out the Android beta version which comprises a new community icon. Instead of a circular shape, the profile picture now appears in a rounded-square-shaped icon, which is slightly highlighted on the left side.

Consequently, the update is approaching some beta testers and displays multiple icons, pointing out – which conversation belongs to the normal section or community. It further helps in grouping the announcement as well as community groups in a single place, which will ultimately simplify navigation.

As of now, users would be able to make use of communities clearly with easier navigation and better differentiation from other chats. The update is available via the Play Store and will soon show up on the stable board.

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WhatsApp Android Community Icon

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WhatsApp Android is giving a new makeover to community icon

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