WhatsApp messages third-party apps

WhatsApp will soon support messages from third-party apps due to EU

Apart from features, WhatsApp has started working on cross-platform messaging support. As the name reflects, WhatsApp users would be able to send messages from third-party chat apps. A major reason behind this new strategy is the EU and its regulations regarding interoperability services.

Consequently, the EU aims to bring a new regulation under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will imply strict rules over large tech firms so that they may offer the ability for users to communicate with each other using different apps.

Perhaps, WhatsApp is one of these firms and has to comply with new regulations, where it will support messages from third-party chat apps. In the current scenario, the company is releasing the Android beta version which shows the cross-platform messaging capability.

As per the shared revealings, WhatsApp now has a dedicated section based on the new EU rules. This implementation is not complete yet and highlights empty space. On the other hand, it is not accessible to users but its title confirms that the company is working on the new change.

Interoperability will allow other people to contact users on WhatsApp even if they don’t have a WhatsApp account. But at the same time, this approach may lead to concerns over end-to-end encryption. Let’s see how this matter will progress in the time ahead.

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WhatsApp messages third-party apps

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WhatsApp will soon support messages from third-party apps due to EU

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