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WhatsApp preps new text formatting tools for Android

WhatsApp has started cooking a new Android beta version which includes some iconic text formatting tools. Currently, the dynamic capability is in the testing stage and is available to a handful of testers via the Google Play Store.

According to the information, WhatsApp is rolling out the Android beta version with new text formatting tools and features for messaging. Eventually, you will find three new options that will provide a fresh look to the outdated text.

These tools are:

Code Block: It enhances the convenience of sharing and reading lines of code within WhatsApp. This tool is for software engineers but users can also apply it on the text to highlight a specific portion of the message. The backtick character will be needed to use this formatting tool.

Quote block: One can use this tool to reply to a specific portion of a message. You will be able to apply this formatting tool by using the character “>”.

Lists: This tool helps to organize information in a structured and ordered manner. The text should start with an asterisk and a hyphen, and it also supports numbered lists.

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WhatsApp new text formatting tools


WhatsApp preps new text formatting tools for Android

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