Xiaomi address Mi 11 WiFi issue, users can apply for half-year extended warranty

Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi officially announced a half-year extension service application channel for the Xiaomi Mi 11 series products on the mobile page. It shows that considering the wifi problem of Mi 11 and its series of mobile phones (not including Mi 11 Lite).

Users can apply for six months extended warranty service for free, considering the user service experience. During the warranty period of this service, if there is a quality failure and cannot be used normally (not including intentional damage and accidental failure), one can visit the official Xiaomi authorized maintenance outlet within half a year of the validity period for several can enjoy maintenance services designated by the company.

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In August this year, Xiaomi officially stated that it was concerned about the special WIFI problems of some Xiaomi Mi 11 and its series of products and that it will adopt a service policy higher than the national three guarantees to solve this problem.

Specifically, users with such phenomena can support the replacement of the new machine after the after-sales test. If other quality problems occur after the replacement of the new machine, it still supports a 7-day failure return, 15-day replacement, one-year warranty, and a half-year extension.

If the user has the same WiFi problem again after changing the phone, he can return the phone or change the phone again. In addition, users who have no such problems can apply for a half-year extended warranty service if they have concerns.

Mi 11 WiFi Issue

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