Xiaomi flagship router AX9000 is officially on sale, starting at 152.22 USD

 Xiaomi flagship router AX9000 supports WiFi6 enhanced version, with 12 high-gain antennas, priced at 999 yuan (152.22 USD), officially launched. The Xiaomi router AX9000 has 12 high-gain antennas and 12 independent signal amplifiers, furnished with Qualcomm’s 6-core flagship processor.


Xiaomi stated that the Xiaomi router AX9000 supports WiFi6 magnified version, the maximum theoretical rate can reach 3.5Gbps, and the actual test can download a 1GB movie in 5.3 seconds.

Additionally, the Xiaomi router AX9000 supports a 9000 megabit rate and has an exclusive 5G gaming frequency band that can be concurrent with three frequencies without interfering with each other. All Xiaomi WiFi6 routers support Mesh hybrid networking.


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