Xiaomi invites 500 technical elites to join Auto Autonomous Driving Department

Xiaomi logo

At the end of March, Xiaomi held a spring conference, in which, the company’s Founder Lei Jun announced a 10-year investment of US $10 billion with an initial investment of 10 billion yuan. Xiaomi has officially entered the smart electric vehicle market.


Lei Jun has posted a recruitment advertisement for “Xiaomi Auto Autonomous Driving Department” on Weibo, saying that 500 technical elite are sincerely invited. The recruitment poster says that the first batch of 500 autonomous driving technology independently developed industry-leading L4 intelligent driving capabilities.

Xiaomi Auto’s recruitment position has increased from 24 to 25, all in the areas of autonomous driving, including data platforms, in-vehicle infrastructure, decision making, and planning, millimeter-wave algorithms, development tools, front-end platform development, embedded software,  control, perception, high-tech precise map, simulation platform, etc.

According to another report, it was learned from various independent channels such as Anhui Hi-Tech Industrial Investment that the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Anhui Province is in contact with Xiaomi Motors and plans to introduce Xiaomi Motors to Hefei. People from Xiaomi’s public relations department expressed “no response” to this.

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