Don’t factory reset your Xiaomi device running MIUI 12 before May 18, you may lose system apps

Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 beta program is already started and many Xiaomi smartphone users have installed the MIUI 12 beta update on their devices.

Xiaomi has also announced the release date for the first batch of devices, it is coming in late June 2020.

Xiaomi shared a notice to all users running MIUI 12 beta build. It says the MIUI 12 users should not restore the factory settings before May 18, otherwise, some system apps will be lost and can’t be restored.

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The official statement:

“As most of you Updated to MIUI 12, Its advised that Before May 18th MIUI 12 users should not Restore the factory settings, Otherwise some system applications will be lost and cannot be restored.

Due to the adjustment of the MIUI 12 system, some system application might get deleted after restoring the factory settings. Recovery methods and recovery logic are under urgent development and are expected to be completed on/before May 18th. Therefore, before this, unless necessary, Please do not restore the factory setting. In case if you have restored the factory settings, you can search and download some system applications through the GetApps.”



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