Xiaomi patents crazy rollable smartphone which looks like smart speaker

Xiaomi is one of the top smartphone manufacturer in the world. To be able to continue releasing new models in the future, Xiaomi has deployed a large R&D center to develop future technologies and designs. The company regularly applies for patents to protect these innovations.


Recently, the company filled a new smartphone patent with a rotating under-screen camera. Meanwhile, the company once again recorded a high-profile mobile phone, this rollable smartphone has a particularly distinctive smart speaker design.

The design patent was implemented by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software in March 2020 at the National Intellectual Property Office of China (CNIPA). The document was approved and published on May 11, 2021. The document includes 32 product drawings showing cylindrical devices.

Although the design immediately reminds us of smart speakers, such as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker, it is clear from the brief description that it is a “mobile phone with a roll-up screen”.

The cylindrical device has a large roll-up display. The screen is in the most compact position, located inside, so the screen is well protected when you take the device with you. A convenient frame is installed on the side of the screen, which is also used as a handle to eject the screen.

A button is placed on top of Xiaomi’s rollable smartphone, perhaps an on/off button. In addition, the camera system is visible behind the housing. Unfortunately, detailed information about this camera has been missing. Looking at the design of the lens, it appears to be the main camera, flash and zoom camera.

Finally, Xiaomi offers a larger speaker at the bottom of this smartphone. Connections such as USB-C connectors do not appear in the image. This phone can only be charged wirelessly.

The retractable screen and large speaker systems make it a suitable multimedia device for watching movies or listening to music. For example, it also seems an ideal tool to display something to someone or to a colleague. However, the design clearly does not seem suitable for calling.

However, it is still very special to see what possibilities Xiaomi is exploring that could determine the use of smartphones in our future.

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