Xiaomi phones launched outside China will not stop supporting Google Mobile Services

GMS 2GB RAM devices support

Recently, some Xiaomi users reported that they cannot install GMS (Google Mobile Services) on their phones. In response to this, the company’s answering team stated that due to compliance reasons, the home version of MIUI does not support the self-installation of GMS.

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But some online users and self-media are spreading the rumor that the Xiaomi mobile phones no longer support GMS. However, the company already aware of this and think it necessary to clarify this situation to avoid making false claims.

According to Xiaomi, the answer group of the Xiaomi community does not represent the official voice of Xiaomi. Currently, the company has noticed in some reports that there are rumors that Xiaomi phones do not support GMS services, but it is not.

As per the official statement of Xiaomi, some Chinese models of Xiaomi have pre-installed the GMS service, and these models will not be affected. For models that have not pre-installed the GMS service framework in the system, users are no longer specifically supported to install the GMS framework by themselves.

In the future, the company will add more pre-installed GMS system models to meet everyone’s needs. However, the Xiaomi devices outside the China are not affected by this.

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