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Xiaomi’s ‘MIUI Pioneer Group’ will solve various UX problems

by Sheetal

In December 2020, Xiaomi officially announced the latest version of the MIUI, MIUI 12.5 at the Mi 11 New Product launch conference. MIUI 12.5 brings many news features including MIUI+, which allows users to view mobile notifications on the computer, copy text on the mobile phone and paste it directly on the computer, and open the screenshot of the mobile phone directly on the computer.

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Nowadays, a video is going viral on the internet. Candidates for the college entrance exam in Mianyang, Sichuan, shouted to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun via a short video, “Change MIUI a little bit, it really doesn’t work now.”

The director of the Xiaomi Redmi Product, Wang Teng replied in the comments, ‘I have also seen the video, and MIUI head Jin Fan is already taking the lead in optimization’.

Today, Jin Fan, Xiaomi’s Director of Product and MIUI Experience General Manager, announced on Weibo that the “MIUI Pioneer Group” has been formally established more than a week ago, to solve the various experience problems reported by everyone and concentrating on doing and doing good work in various experience tasks. Thereafter, the progress of the work will be released as a report to the Xiaomi community.

In April 2021, Jin Fan stated that last year was the most revolutionary year for MIUI and system software since the MIUI V5 era. Within a year two major versions were developed, namely animation, privacy, and interconnection. With great improvements, the amount of engineering has exceeded the previous years.

In addition to the heavy workload, the company have to complete the optimization of the major version of Android R (Android R has come with the biggest optimization challenges in recent years, including performance, stability, and optimization of third-party applications), as well as The R&D investment of several new machines and brand-new hardware platforms, compounding these problems, led to a steady decline in the version.

Actually, the problem of mobile phones is very complex. For example, power consumption is mostly the power consumption of hardware, then drivers and system bottom-level software, and then upper-level MIUI. This will involve multiple parties, multiple departments, and even hardware suppliers. Proceed to pursue the solution.

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