Xiaopeng Motors producing self-driving chips

by RPRNA Group

Xiaopeng Motors is getting involved in the field of self-developed chips. Its self-developed chip project has been released for several months, and it has been carried out simultaneously in China and the United States, mainly developing dedicated chips for autonomous driving.


As reported, industry sources who have contacted Xiaopeng Motors’ senior executives revealed that the current self-developed chip team of Xiaopeng Motors is small, with less than 10 people. If it goes well, the Xiaopeng chip is expected to be taped out at the end of this year or early next year.

In North America, the lead of the chip project is Benny Katibian, chief operating officer of Xiaopeng Motors North America, and the domestic leader is Xia Heng, co-president of Xiaopeng Motors. Chip research and development is a complex project, and it is normal to do it in multiple locations.

At the fourth-quarter performance conference call in 2020, Xiaopeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng said, “In 2021, we will increase R&D investment, including hardware closely related to autonomous driving.”


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