Xiaomi HyperOS 13 years exploration

You won’t get HyperOS updates if you unlock the bootloader on the Xiaomi phones

Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi, has now confirmed that it is blocking bootloader unlocking by default on HyperOS phones. To unlock your HyperOS device you will need to apply for permission via its forum, the company said, via Android Authority.


If you unlock them without permission, you won’t get future HyperOS updates on the phone running MIUI or HyperOS. FYI, the bootloader unlocking has always been disabled on MIUI devices. The news about bootloader restrictions was first reported on Telegram.

Here’s the response from Xiaomi (via Android Authority):

To protect the device’s security, avoid data leakage, and provide users with a more secure and stable user experience, bootloader unlocking will be disabled by default on Xiaomi HyperOS.

Please stay tuned for the announcement of the application portal on the Xiaomi Community website.

“Previous operating systems, such as MIUI 14, still retain the ability to unlock, but users will no longer receive any Xiaomi HyperOS updates if they leave their devices in an unlocked state,” the company told Android Authority.

Xiaomi also confirmed that the restrictions were only applicable to the Chinese version of HyperOS. It reiterated that global users need to wait for an announcement on the company’s forum for more details.

Xiaomi recently launched the Xiaomi 14 series in China, the phones are running HyperOS UX skin instead of MIUI.

You won’t get HyperOS updates if you unlock the bootloader on the Xiaomi phones

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