Zoom video conferencing application will come soon in Tesla cars

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The popular video conferencing application Zoom officially announced that the application will soon land in Tesla cars, allowing people in the car to make video and audio calls without using mobile devices.

Zoom’s group product manager, Natasha Walia, made the announcement at the Zoomtopia 2022 event on Tuesday, along with a short video of the Zoom app being used in the Tesla Model Y.

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Zoom is supposed to use Tesla’s in-car camera, which was supposed to monitor the driver’s attention when Autopilot is activated, though the feature has previously raised concerns about driver privacy.

Tesla cars ZoomIf Zoom uses in-car cameras, it could raise additional concerns about access to third-party apps.¬†Zoom did not announce a date when the app will officially land on Tesla vehicles, but said the app will be available on “all new Tesla models.”

Other details were missing from the announcement, including whether Zoom will only support WiFi networks and whether the vehicle will be able to use the app while driving.


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