Zuckerberg’s leadership is too poor: Meta’s employees


According to the report, Facebook parent company Meta Platforms announced this week that it will lay off 11,000 people, a number more than a third of the population of Los Altos, California, and this luxury Silicon Valley suburb Gathered many Meta high-level.

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The scale of the layoffs caught many by surprise. “Even after the news of layoffs came out, everyone didn’t expect to lay off so many people.” An employee who “survived” the layoffs said, “I really didn’t expect more than 10,000 people. It’s beyond everyone’s imagination.”

Those who lost their jobs in the layoffs blamed Mark Zuckerberg’s poor leadership. A Meta employee called Zuckerberg “amazing.” The main disagreement between Zuckerberg and former employees is that his preoccupation with the metaverse has sparked internal discontent.

Meta Employees “The Metaverse and Reality Labs are getting too much attention,” said one employee affected by the layoffs. A former recruiter at the company even said: “We got into this situation because of poor leadership and poor management.”

At least for Zuckerberg, the remaining employees will be more forgiving. One employee said the 38-year-old CEO was “clearly emotional” as he addressed the layoffs.

Meta shut down its internal workplace tool, Quitter, on Wednesday without prior notice, the people said. Before that, Meta employees used the tool on a daily basis to see who had left the company. But now, the tool has been shut down, and employees who are curious about internal personnel changes can only find out on their own.


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