Are you facing Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration issue on your OnePlus 9 devices?

Are you facing Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration issue on your OnePlus 9 devices?

OnePlus needs to look after its devices as they are constantly raising some or other bugs for its users. That says a OnePlus 9 series owner who is facing the Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration issue on his phone. The respective problem doesn’t let the user utilize the Wi-Fi network. Consequently, the person is no more capable of doing tasks that require a strong network connection.

So far, the OnePlus device consumers have reported many issues, mainly related to the network matter. Accordingly, this could be due to the 5G connectivity that has started taking place in the OnePlus gadgets. Yet the latest Wi-Fi issue on the OnePlus 9 model is quite strange and often restricts the user to use the network with an annoying alert text.

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As per the input revealings, a user reported that the Dual Wi-Fi acceleration is not working accurately. Every time, the user tries to enable the feature, it displays an irrelevant notification, asking to turn off the personal hotspot to use the feature efficiently. Interestingly, the user states that even when the hotspot toggle is off, it still shows the same message.

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For your information, Dual Wi-Fi acceleration allows you to connect two Wi-Fi networks in different frequency bands (say 2.4GHz / 5GHz) at the same time for a faster Internet connection. While the feature is quite beneficial, it became a headache for the OnePlus 9 series owners. Here is how the user describes the issue:

“Dual Wi-Fi acceleration is not working and it shows an error “To use network acceleration, turn off personal hotspot or the file sharing feature” even when my hotspot is off.”

Are you facing Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration issue on your OnePlus 9 devices?

While many other users were trying to suggest solutions, a user even said that he didn’t have Wi-Fi acceleration in OxygenOS 13. From here, the issue has already taken a new turn. Let’s see when the company will take a step to resolve this issue with the OnePlus 9 series smartphones.

Till then, you can tell us whether you are also facing any such problems, or if things are good on your side. Let us know in the comment section.


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