Are you happy with OnePlus Customer Support?

What you should do when your OnePlus smartphone faces signal issue?

There is no doubt in the fact that OnePlus is a preeminent brand that offers a variety of products at a good price and just like other manufacturers it too offers customer care support which sometimes leads to a good experience whereas sometimes the experience is worse.


OnePlus has a good fan base and the users of OnePlus devices face different issues and queries for the same, also the Chinese tech maker replies with full respect. But sometimes, the users keep on reporting issues on the community app but none of the official replies for the users’ posts.

Now here comes the question that are you also operating any of the OnePlus devices and ever contacted the OnePlus customer support through any medium? If the answer is yes. Then how was your experience are you got happy with the comeback or not?

What you should do when your OnePlus smartphone faces signal issue?

We are raising this matter because recently we have caught OnePlus Nord 2T users from different regions, facing the same issue, reporting them on the OnePlus Community but not getting any satisfactory results or even a reply. We don’t know what stopping the company from reply their customer.

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However, we know that the company takes care of its customer in a good way and respect their valuable question and time, maybe the reason for this illusion could be the busy schedule of the company. As the rollout of Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 is on the way.What’s your view on this matter let us know in the comment section below.