Here’s how to set Oppo ODialer as default dialer on your OnePlus phone

Oppo ODialer default OnePlus phone

Oppo has finally offered an amazing new year gift to OnePlus users. The company has unveiled a very useful and self-developed Oppo ODialer application that can give a tough fight to the Google Dialer and can efficiently serve as a default app in your OnePlus phone.

So far, the respective application was already present on the APK Mirror surface. However, it remained a hidden app and many users were unaware of its existence. As of now, the tech maker took some official steps and availed the ODialer app in the Google Play Store for easy access.

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In terms of aptness, users carrying a OnePlus, Oppo, or Realme handset in their pockets can effectively install the app through the Play Store. Although make sure that your device is running on the Android 12 or above builds to operate the application conveniently.

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Do you fulfill the requirements to install the app? If yes, then let’s understand how you can set the Oppo ODialer as a default app on your OnePlus phone. The steps are easy and similar to any other application.

How to set ODialer as a default dialer:

  • Install the ODialer application
  • Open the app and a pop-up window will appear on the screen
  • Select ODialer as the default dialer

Oppo ODialer default OnePlus phone

Although if you are already using Google Dialer then proceed with these instructions.

  • After setting ODialer as the default app, go to Google Dialer’s App Info
  • Tap on the Disable option

Oppo ODialer default OnePlus phone

That’s it, now you are good to use the ODialer application and efficiently make calls and use its features. You might find the UI quite simple in comparison to the Google Dialer. Yet, the company will keep updating it with new builds and will improve it with better additions.

Before heading for the app installation, here are a few notes that you should pen down:

  • ODialer app may not work on all OnePlus phones
  • ODialer app may not work with all OxygenOS versions
  • We don’t recommend changing the Dialer app
  • ODialer application might crash occasionally as it’s under beta testing

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