Here’s what makes OnePlus different from other Android phones?

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that offers high-end features at affordable prices compared to other brands in the same segment. Not only this but there are a lot of things that make the OnePlus smartphones different and more suitable from other brands.


The first segment is its alert slider, OnePlus phones are the only Android smartphones that come with an iPhone-style silent switch, making it easy to quickly switch the phone to silent and vibrate-only. Other than OnePlus there is no single brand that offers the alert slider.

Another plus point of OnePlus is its solid long-lasting battery, the OnePlus phones come with a battery capacity of at least 4,500 mAh. The company also offers its own charging brick technology that keeps the heat that usually comes with charging in the brick itself.

The Chines tech maker is also winning the heart of users in the price segment, as it’s one of the few emerging smartphone manufacturers that lets users pick their favorite device under their budget and most importantly without compromising on any features.

In all, we can say that the OnePlus has established itself as a strong contender in the Indian smartphone market. OnePlus 10 Pro is currently one of the most popular phones in our country and the next OnePlus 11 is on the way with the latest powerful processors.