How to install OxygenOS 13 on OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T

OxygenOS 13 OnePLus 8

OnePlus Android 13-based on OxygenOS 13 is currently in the spotlight for users, which is very obvious, also the company is now actively partaking to expand the new software version for eligible devices. However, after the OnePlus 10 series, 9RT, and 9R smartphones users, the firm turned towards the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T users in India.

Here you can check, how to install OxygenOS 13 beta on your OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T smartphones. Well before going with the title, you should aware of the do’s and don’t’s before installing the new software version.

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Important note:

  • Check whether your OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T are upgraded and run over the OxygenOS C.35 build version
  • Make sure your battery level is above 30%
  • A minimum of 5.5 GB of storage space is available
  • These builds are not as stable as our official OTAs. By installing this update, you experience potential risks.

Although, a noticeable feature highlighted in OxygenOS 13 is in OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T incorporate the Airtel 5G function for those who wanna experience 5G. Additionally, the version will add the anamorphic design theme color for enhanced visual comfort.

Also, it improves the efficiency of the meeting assistant, home screen with large folders, and media player control. Also, it optimizes the OnePlus shelf and many other features, to know more about the changelog you can visit here> [Link].

INstall OxygenOS 13 OnePLus 8

Known issues:

  • Abnormal display of charging prompt under screen lock.
  • The video below 300K resolution recorded by the camera cannot be sent via MMS.
  • More function icon in the editing interface of the control center is displayed incorrectly.

Install OxygenOS 13 on OnePlus 8 devices link:

Update instruction:

It is necessary to first transfer the ZIP file to the phone’s root internal storage. Next, click the Settings section, then System Update. Next, choose Local upgrade (Top right icon). Select the ZIP file next. Install it on your phone now.

We advise you to create a backup of your crucial data and download the updated package over a reliable connection. Once the installation has begun, don’t try to shut the phone off by force.