OnePlus 10T users report ‘extremely low GPU usage’ while playing games

OnePlus 10T GPU usage

OnePlus 10T comes among the flagship models in the market. The device is a little low in terms of design and new tech. Yet, users still appreciate the phone for its performance and battery aspects. But at present, OnePlus 10T phone users are asking the company to improve the GPU usage of the device.

Recently, a user went on the common discussion forum and kept his opinion to fix the GPU usage in OnePlus devices, especially the 10T models. Further, he also explained why there is a necessity to make some useful alterations in this segment of the smartphone.

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For your information, GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It is a microchip that is responsible for managing and operating graphics applications, user interfaces, and 3D content. It is an essential part, as it helps to improve the performance in the rendering of videos, games, and other visual subjects.

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But what if, the GPU itself stops functioning properly? This is the case with the OnePlus 10T smartphone users nowadays, where the GPU usage is extremely low and hinders the overall performance, particularly while playing high-end games.

The user has further said that this is mainly in the device with the OxygenOS 12 or 13th version. Not only this, but the phone is also showing fatal frame drops from 60 to 32 percent frequently. Here’s how the 10T phone owner penned down the situation:

“I came to know that the GPU usage of any phone with OxygenOS 12/ 13, even while playing high-end games is too low. Like the GPU usage is 10-15%, and the CPU is 75-100% in my case which worst. And I also experience fatal frame drops from 60 to 32 and this happens so commonly.”

OnePlus 10T GPU usage

Interestingly, the user has tried every possible way to fix the GPU usage issue in his device. To begin with, the phone holder enabled the Performance Mode, but it didn’t help. Besides, he also inspected whether only one game is facing the problem or the condition is the same for all the apps.

But none of the points aid him much. Consequently, he asks the company to initiate a firmware that can fix this issue. Since many users are dealing with similar kinds of GPU issues, the tech maker should fix this defect as soon as possible.


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