OnePlus 11 battery performance is surprisingly good, says users

OnePlus 11 battery performance

OnePlus 11 is slowly nearing the launch date in the global market. This phone has already created excitement among consumers for its ultimate camera results. To hype this zest a little more, here are the OnePlus 11 battery performance outcomes that are surprisingly good.

No doubt, the Chinese manufacturer has done some seamless work with its latest flagship model. From the appearance to the internal functions, the company tried to make its new product a perfect gadget for its users. But in recent days we have heard a few tugs that said – OnePlus 11 doesn’t have a good battery aspect.

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We have even reported about the battery test, where OnePlus 11 has achieved the 20th position. However, a Twitter tipster has brought real user reviews that show OnePlus 11 battery life and performance are good in an overall manner. Alongside, the blogger also shared the results regarding the ‘energy’ subject.

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Consequently, a user reported that if we count the screen time with normal operations then the device holds 13% even 8 hours of use. Besides, the 2K display panel is sufficient enough to offer the best visual experience without consuming much power.

“Tell you the real endurance performance of OnePlus 11! I mainly read novels, short videos, and chat daily. The OnePlus 11 still has 13% power left after 8 hours of use. As far as my usage, charging once a day is not a problem. And the OnePlus 11 is equipped with a 2K screen this time, so the battery life is really strong!”

In the meantime, another user appreciates the 100W charging support, saying that it’s no less than a blessing that can quickly recover energy. One can efficiently use the device for 8 hours straight without worrying about the battery performance.

OnePlus 11 battery performance

It’s worth mentioning that the phone is running for long hours on a single complete charge, without being plugged into the adapter in between. In that case, the battery performance is commendable. The tipster has further shared the battery percentage:

OnePlus 11 battery life – results uploaded by users

  • Around 5hrs of screen-time: 47% battery left
  • Around 6hrs of screen-time: 30% battery left
  • Around 8hrs of screen time: 13% battery left

Finally, it won’t be wrong to say that the OnePlus 11 battery performance is good. Although we still have to wait and see how the global model with OxygenOS 13 performs on the surface.

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