OnePlus 11 amazingly beats Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in night-mode photography

OnePlus 11 Night-Mode Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the most bashing smartphones in the market. It is considered the best flagship model so far. However, it seems as if the gigantic phone has failed to compete with the coming gadgets. In the latest edition, OnePlus 11 has surpassed the ultimate Samsung device in the special night-mode camera feature.

Accordingly, this interesting comparison is floating on the online social media platform. To begin with, the famous Twitter handle – IceUniverse recently shared a tweet describing the low-light optical performance of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Eventually, the results are disappointing and show that the ultimate phone has lost its camera magic.

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Further, the tipster states that the Korean tech maker has not solved the problem of overexposure of night photo lighting yet. Though the company has offered several useful upgrades to its devices and gained the tag of fastest Android 13 rollout. But it didn’t look after the respective model which made it defeated by one phone after another, and also by OnePlus 11.

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Apart from the description, the tipster shared some images reflecting how poor the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra night mode performance has been in the meantime. Consequently, these pictures highlight the dullness in the background. Moreover, the details have just left the image due to overexposure segments.

OnePlus 11 Night-Mode Samsung

Meanwhile, another tipster shared the OnePlus 11 camera shots showing how the device outperforms every other gadget in terms of low-lighting results. Eventually, the device is capable of giving amazing snaps with its night mode camera feature.

Unlike Galaxy S22 Ultra, OnePlus 11 doesn’t use high-profiled techs or mechanisms. Even so, the newly arrived device can give a tough fight to the most powerful smartphone in the market. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that the OnePlus 11 night-mode camera feature amazingly beats the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra device. You can clearly see the difference in the above and below-given images.

OnePlus 11 Night-Mode Samsung

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