OnePlus 11 Europe price leaked, but there’s a catch

OnePlus 11 Europe price

OnePlus 11 cost and ratings have already emerged for the Indian nation. Now, it’s time to get some information regarding the other international market. In the latest edition, we have grabbed our hands on the OnePlus 11 Europe price that has started surfing on the internet.

But wait, there is a twist in the new detail. This catch is about the OnePlus Germany fans who might not get a glimpse of the new flagship model in their region. Perhaps, they have to purchase the OnePlus 11 smartphone from other places such as Denmark, Italy, Spain, and France.

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Why So? The reason is the ongoing patent dispute between Nokia and OnePlus. The story begins when Nokia claims that OPPO and its sub-brand OnePlus have used its IP listings without any official permission. As a result, the Finnish company restricted the China firm for its sale purposes in the market.

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Thus, OnePlus 11 will not be an official release in Germany. But, users can still take the advantage of the other regions (above-mentioned) to get the new handset. Till then, let’s have a look at the OnePlus 11 Europe price that has already leaked on Amazon US listings. Besides,  there are some tweaks on the pre-order process for the users.

  • OnePlus 11 (8GB + 128GB) – €899
  • OnePlus 11 (16GB + 256GB) – €949

On the other hand, we also discovered the US pricing from the respective smartphones:

  • OnePlus 11 (US) 8GB + 128GB model – $749
  • OnePlus 11 (US) 16GB + 256GB model – $799

In terms of pre-orders, the company will begin the booking process on the same date as the launch – February 7. It is worth mentioning that these details are the leaked pricing and still require affirmation from the company side. Hope that we will get some new pinch of this matter before the official release of the dynamic smartphone.

OnePlus 11 Europe price