OnePlus 11 new teaser mocks Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra pricing

OnePlus 11 teaser Galaxy S23

OnePlus 11 is nearing the launch date. Meanwhile, the company is constantly sharing new pinches about its new gadget. In the latest edition, the Chinese firm dropped an interesting OnePlus 11 teaser that significantly pokes fun at the price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The story begins with the mocking thread of OnePlus over the Samsung Unpacked event. Consequently, the tech maker is persistently teasing the Korean company for its new bringing on the consumer platform.

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Yes! Samsung has finally unveiled its long-awaited and gigantic device – the Galaxy S23 model on the floor. The device carries some outstanding features and functions alongside a huge price tag which made the Chinese tech maker jabs the Korean company.

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Back to the topic! In addition to sarcastic comments and tweets, the company also released a new teaser of the OnePlus 11 that targets the Galaxy S23 Ultra pricing. Interestingly, the caption area in the image reads the following statement:

Like the “Pro, Max, Ultra”.
But not overpriced.

To some extent, the caption reflects the right words for the new Galaxy handsets. No doubt, the device would be having a wide range of dynamic changes and implementations over its previous models. However, the company has also stretched the rates which had disappointed Samsung fans.

OnePlus 11 teaser Galaxy S23

Taking the sarcasm to next level, OnePlus asks its users: “In what Galaxy are you paying $1199 for ‘Ultra’?”

If we talk about OnePlus 11, the device also consists of superior pricing. But, not as much as the latest Samsung flagship. On the other hand, the company has also tried to take care of every element of the device. From performance efficiency to the battery section, OnePlus 11 is serving more than better in all manner.

But we are still waiting for the global review. This is a place where OnePlus has to prove that its tech-pack model can give a tough fight to the new Galaxy series. And we anticipate that the company will succeed in doing so.

What do you think about this matter? Is the Galaxy S23 series good or better? Will it easily replace OnePlus 11, or the Chinese company will make a grand comeback with its new phone? Let us know your view in the comment section.