OnePlus 11 to launch in these colors and memory variants in India

OnePlus 11 colors memory India

Three days more and OnePlus 11 will step into the global market. Although in the gaps, we are persistently meeting with some or other interesting pinches of the device. As of now, we know what colors and memory variants the OnePlus 11 phone will offer to India.

Some active tipsters on Twitter have successfully managed to sneak into the OnePlus official website and grabbed useful info. As per the input revealings, OnePlus 11 handset will appear in two colors and memory options in India.

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To begin with colors, the official website highlights Eternal Green and Titan Black. Both shades hold a slight contrast. While the green scheme gives a glossy look, the black option brings a matte texture to the rear end of the device. Consequently, both colors offer a soothing view of the gadget.

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On the flip side, the shared screenshot exhibits two memory versions. This includes 8GB RAM with 128GB storage and 16GB RAM with 256GB storage. Eventually, there is no option such as 12GB RAM or 512GB storage, unlike the Chinese variants.

Besides, the color option for both Chinese and Global versions are the same. This hints that probably, we won’t find much difference between the native and international variants.

OnePlus 11 colors memory India

It’s worth mentioning that even the official website has not revealed the price of the device. This is the most significant part regarding a gadget. However, there is still no confirmation on this topic from the company side.

Apart from the color and memory options, the website didn’t showcase any other details. Perhaps, we have to wait a little more to see what else the device will bring to the surface.

OnePlus 11 is believed to be one of the best products from the company. But, we still need to test it in real-time to know how great the device can perform and whether it is capable of beating other high-end models in the market or not.