OnePlus 11 will equip Game Cloud computing technology to enhance gaming experience

OnePlus 11 will equip Game Cloud computing technology

OnePlus is making every possible effort to make its upcoming flagship a brilliant gadget for users. The company is exploring new techs and mechanisms that can uplift smartphone efficiency. In the latest development, the tech maker has equipped the OnePlus 11 with the world’s first ‘Game Cloud Computing Private Network Technology’ to improve the gaming experience.

Today, the OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis shared a unique post describing what new changes the new smartphone product will bring for its users. Eventually, the description starts with the huge “Game Cloud Computing Private Network Technology” imposed in OnePlus 11 to solve signal/network-related problems while playing games.

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Notably, this technique evolved from 8 major cloud computing centers in the world. The game data runs on a nanosecond level to complete all the relative tasks. For instance: data identification, calculation, fusion, transmission, and more. Thus, it requires a powerful cloud computing structure that can effectively help in the completion of these tasks. Consequently, this requirement gets fulfilled with 8 cloud computing centers.

OnePlus 11 will equip Game Cloud computing technology

Besides, it integrates with more than 100,000 self-owned servers to assure the highest connection and network quality. As a result, these servers identify when your phone undergoes a weak network connection and enables the “Game Cloud Computing Technology” instantly. Alongside this, the tech uses a network-dedicated line that helps in data transmission when other channels are trapped with network issues.

On the flip side, the technology will also support routing methods. This will make the device fully connected with other servers. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that the OnePlus 11 will offer a standard gaming experience to its users over its predecessors.

It’s just the starters in the plate and we have a lot more to explore in this device. There are still a few days before the official launch. Till then, let’s see what else we will catch in this ultimate handset.

OnePlus 11 will equip Game Cloud computing technology


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